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PC monitoring

New monitoring service makes SME IT more secure

Information technology is vital for many SMEs today. In addition to the highly available network and business applications from the Swisscom Cloud, Swisscom now also makes it easier to ensure secure IT operations within the business itself. With the new PC monitoring service from Swisscom, SMEs can enjoy a more secure and reliable computing environment. Smart Monitoring is a software platform for the early identification and correction of errors. A program installed on the computers sends encrypted PC performance data to the Smart Monitoring platform. This detects any unusual behaviour and responds to security threats from cyberspace, before they cause damage. Thanks to the recorded data, the cause of the error can be confined and repaired faster. In addition, regular security checks ensure that inactive or expired antivirus software licenses are detected and reported to the user. This increases the reliability of IT system and makes it easier for the SME to operate. The Smart Monitoring data is hosted in Swisscom secure data centres, where it is protected from unauthorised access.

PC monitoring premiere for SMEs

Smart Monitoring is based on a Nexthink software platform. "We have been working together with Swisscom for several years and are delighted that the company is using our software for the launch of this unique SME service," says Vincent Bieri, co-founder of Nexthink. "We expect that with such innovative Cloud Services, Swisscom will lead the trend towards smarter IT solutions." Nexthink and Swisscom developed ​​the first multi-client capable platform so that partners and medium-sized businesses could access a PC monitoring system at an affordable price. Prices are calculated based on the number of PCs connected to the monitoring system.

Smart Monitoring is sold primarily through the Swisscom partner channel and allows Swisscom partners to expand their ICT portfolio. Since the software platform provides flexibility for individual configurations, partners can refine it with their own products – in the areas of support, business applications or other fields of business. It enables Swisscom partners to offer their customers everything from internet or PC solutions through to applications from the cloud, all from one source. Companies with their own IT can apply Smart Monitoring directly.