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Smartphone advertising

What is mobile marketing and how I can use it effectively?

Mobile marketing refers to all marketing activities that involve mobile devices. This trend began with SMS advertising campaigns and WAP websites (which have since fallen out of vogue). The latest significant developments in this area include apps, ads, mobile payment systems, websites designed for mobile use and location-specific marketing measures.

The mobile telephone of old, which was used solely for making calls and sending text messages, has morphed into a small and increasingly intelligent computer. Smartphones make users available all the time, wherever they are. In 2011, 34% of all Swiss citizens owned such a device; by 2013, this figure had risen to more than 54%. Active smartphone users can now no longer imagine living without them. They have become an indispensable part of everyday life. In terms of market penetration, they enable advertisers to reach customers (and potential customers) exactly where they are. 

When it comes to marketing activities for mobile target groups, smartphones allow advertising materials to be individually adapted to a person’s current location with the help of location-based services. So as a first step you should make yourself locally accessible to your target groups. Whether through mobile search engine optimisation, or a web presence and email newsletters that can be viewed on every kind of device – if customers or potential customers cannot access you using their mobile devices, you will miss out on an opportunity for initial contact or even a sale.

With a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Foursquare, you will also benefit from visibility in places that modern internet users visit every day – either on their mobile devices or their computer at home. Use these channels to provide people with additional opportunities for getting in contact and maintain an active dialogue with your customers.

Apps are a powerful tool for building customer relationships and provide the best user experience, as the graphic interface can be adapted to suit the various devices. With the right promotion and regular maintenance, your app can have a powerful branding effect once a customer has installed it on their smartphone, making your company more memorable and generating ongoing sales.

According to predictions about mobile marketing trends, smartphone market penetration looks set to continue growing. So, it’s an area you should be actively exploring. Getting started with mobile marketing is easier than you think. 

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