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Newsletter checklist

Use this checklist to review your email marketing strategy

This checklist will help you review the most important aspects of your email marketing strategy: content, key performance indicators, technology, advertising content and new opportunities. Use it to create your new email marketing plan.

Does your communication look up to date or out of date? Your evaluation:

Our brand/company is well represented by email newsletter.

The images and graphics are friendly and appealing.

The colours match our corporate design.

The sidebar contains useful information.

The design looks professional, the navigation is easy to understand.

Contact information is clearly presented and easy to find.

The design makes good use of the entire width of the screen.

The newsletter occasionally includes a well-positioned survey.

All chapters and sections are up to date.

Does the general framework of your email marketing activities lead to greater customer satisfaction and brand awareness?

The frequency and length of emails (not too much, not too little) is


Offers and content in our emails redirect readers seamlessly to our website.

Every email contains a call to action, which delivers quantifiable results.

Do you test your subject lines to improve the percentage of emails that are actually viewed?

We provide information about attractive offers and current topics to increase people’s willingness to view the email.

We deliberately use key words and topics that are guaranteed to interest our readers.

We avoid using words in our subject lines that may suggest spam, such as ‘POKER’.

We use attention-grabbing subject lines that can not be mistaken as spam.

Are you familiar with the current legal framework?

We take into consideration the current data protection guidelines.

We make sure all our emails conform to the latest laws and regulations.

Our emails include straightforward subscribe/unsubscribe options.

Key performance indicators – how do your results compare with last year? And with the competition? Do you compare:

Opening rate: Number of recipients who open your email

Click rate: Number of recipients who click on a link in your email

Bounce rate: Number of email addresses that no longer work

Unsubscribe rate: Number of recipients who have unsubscribed from your newsletter

Compare these key performance indicators with comparable companies in your industry. You can do this using email marketing benchmark reports. These reports are available online and are usually free.

Technology – do you use new technology effectively and avoid difficulties related to email delivery? Examples:

Our emails and newsletters are optimised for all email clients.

Our communication can be viewed properly even when faced with image blocking.

We use servers that can withstand the high hit rates from email marketing campaigns.

Our email server can cope with our large-scale mail-outs.

Are your addresses up to date?

Delete addresses that no longer work.

Enter all changes to recipients’ contact details in your system.

Add further information about recipients to the addresses you already have. This will enable you to be more selective and address recipients in a more personalised way.

Make the most of every opportunity to win more subscribers!

Does your ordering process include an option to subscribe to your newsletter?

Is there an easily recognisable subscription button or link on your website?

Do you use registration forms at events, service points, PoS and other


Do you use search engine marketing and other forms of online advertising?


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