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Three tips for getting started with mobile marketing

I run a small dress boutique in Solothurn and would like to attract more customers. My window display alone is not really enough to make this happen. An acquaintance told me I should position my products on people’s smartphones. Is there a simple and affordable way of doing this?

This suggestion is right on target: in Switzerland, more than 3.6 million people already own a smartphone and that number is growing. Many people use their smartphones to look for products in their area. So it’s not surprising that many companies are thinking about becoming involved in mobile marketing in order to reach more customers. However, a few points should be kept in mind. Here are three tips that will help you make that first step:

Tip 1: Optimise your website for mobile use

If you have a website for your boutique, you should optimise it for use on mobile devices. Above all, your contact and address details should be easy to find and read. And don’t forget: if you send a newsletter to your customers, it should also be optimised for viewing on mobile devices.

Tip 2: Local marketing using search engines

Almost every smartphone user has used their phone to look up local information at least once. Many then subsequently visit the shop or contact the business they have found. Users will be able to contact your company more easily if you make sure clickable phone numbers appear in local search results and your location-based services can be used on smartphones. For even greater effect, you can use location-based ads, whereby your company’s entry is more prominently positioned in online searches and so appears more regularly.

Tip 3: Use modern tools from the cloud

New cloud-based services make it relatively affordable to advertise on smartphones. With the tweasy business app, for example, you can place your ads in the web browser interface. The ads will then appear on users’ mobile devices depending on their current location – in part also as push messages. By the way: you can also use cloud services to advertise your products if you don’t have your own website.