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Software is eating the world

A study recently published by ICT Switzerland shows that the value created by companies' web presence is constantly growing and that those present online are more competitive.

To me, it has long been clear that web presence is essential, key not only for the growth of businesses, but also for their survival.

As well as enabling companies to serve customers worldwide at any time of the day or night, an online store is increasingly important for building trust with consumers: it gives them transparent pricing, an efficient order process and a written record of each transaction.

By failing to adapt to the reality of e-commerce, Swiss fashion retailers, for example, have been hit hard by the arrival of competitors in the market such as Zalando. Travel agencies have had to downsize following the introduction of online stores by airlines and bookshops are also having to reinvent themselves to compete with giants such as Amazon.

In the near future, we will see an even more profound transformation of the B2C sector. You only need look at what is happening in the United States to see the change that is coming Switzerland's way. Brands such as Warby Parker are establishing major footholds among opticians. Taxi firms are increasingly struggling in the face of new competitors such as Uber and Hailo. In the words of Marc Andreessen, one of the leading American investors in recent years, "software is eating the world". One by one, every sector is being affected and B2B will not escape this trend.

E-commerce has reached the point of maturity and there is no turning back. Businesses that have not yet done so will be forced to adapt quickly or disappear.

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