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Everyone wants to be #1

Developing a successful web presence with SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for those who want to appear as high as possible in Google search results. The scramble for first place is getting tougher, requiring more and more resources to promote sales through the internet. With a high Google ranking you are already one step closer to this goal. SEO is designed precisely for increasing your ranking. Search engine optimization is an important but also very costly tool, which is why it is often outsourced to external SEO providers. The market is swamped by providers – also from abroad. The latter often carry out aggressive telemarketing campaigns. Unfortunately, not all providers are reputable.

Be cautious, especially with the following points and promises:

  • A top position cannot be guaranteed; it requires a lot of effort and continuous support and maintenance.
  • Google covers about 90% of the Swiss search engines market, making it unnecessary to register with 50 other search engines (as some providers suggest).
  • Short term and one-off SEO activities only result in short-term success.
  • Pay attention to SEO providers' vested interests and do not accept reciprocal backlink offers.
  • If SEO is not implemented properly, it could do the company more harm than good.

If a company is interested in acquiring SEO expertise itself, this is ideally done in through workshops or coaching. If the optimisation is outsourced to an agency, you should make sure they carry out both on-page and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation is less complex and usually finished quickly. It includes all the optimisations on the web page itself, such as content, load times, placement of keywords, optimisation of keywords etc. Off-page optimisation relates to the external links on your website and usually takes more time. The more reputable the links that refer to your own page, the higher its reputation will become. Reputable links include blogs, forum posts or social media integrations. Great caution should be exercised in relation to so-called link farms. In one of the last major updates of the search algorithm, Google decided to address this area more carefully and evaluates and consistently downgrades links from link directories without content. In the worst case, involvement with link farms may even lead to Google pushing the website way down in the search results.

The effort required for SEO has its price. This is mainly dependent on:

  • Nature and scope of the SEO service
  • Number of keywords
  • Demand for the keywords
  • Number of countries and language regions
  • Optimisation period
  • Use of Google AdWords (are campaigns already included or not)

When finalising a SEO contract, be sure to work out which of these points are included. If only part of the above list is covered, the service probably won't be successful over the long term. Search engine optimisation should be ongoing in order to actually gain a better position in Google's results. Making a general quote is difficult because the costs vary depending on the customer and how much they do themselves. Spending a little more for SEO usually does pay off with a rise in popularity. A higher ranking on Google usually also means an exponential increase in clicks and consequently an increase in new customers.