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Search engine optimisation

5 tips for creating the right keywords

Your website would be rarely be found without search engines like Google or Bing. The majority of your visitors find your website using search engines, by entering search terms such as "parquet flooring installation" or "pizzeria Winterthur free delivery". Search engine optimisation, often referred to as SEO, ensures that you are found by potential customers.

Keywords or search terms are fundamental to SEO. These are the words used to find your company online. Good keywords are highly associated with your business are used frequently in search queries.

In order for your website to be found using these search terms, the same keywords must also appear on your site. Ideally terms should appear multiple times. Search engines only show sites which they consider to contain information relevant to the topic. The following points are important:

You can use your keywords within titles and text on your site. But don't forget: your website is read primarily by people, not by search engines, so it should sound appealing.

In addition, meta information is embedded into your website's program code. It is only read by the search engines. Incorporating this information is one of the basics of search engine optimisation. This includes specific file names and alternative text for images that you use on the website. For example: parquet pattern beech.jpg instead of image_1.jpg.

First and foremost, Google and other search engines want to provide their users with good results. External links are key to the way Google assesses results: if many other sites link to your website, Google will rate you as trustworthy and influential. Make sure that your website is listed in directories (industry associations, free directories, etc.) – these external links to your site are registered by Google. You should also make sure you create interesting content for the site: there's a good chance that other website operators will reference it and you will in turn benefit from additional external links.

Your customers will often be from your region or searching for a provider in a given area. Get listed in "Google Places" and Google will immediately assign your company a location and lead potential customers more directly to you.