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Second pillar

What does my pension certificate tell me?

Do you know what your 2nd pillar will be worth when you retire? Or what your monthly allowance will be if you become unable to work? It's all in your personal insurance certificate.

The explanations and information relate to a hypothetical pension certificate, and they may deviate depending on the pension solution selected.

The information in your pension certificate includes the following. 

General information

Your salary information is listed here. The "reported annual salary" usually matches the AHV-annual salary – i.e. before deductions. If you deduct the coordination offset, you get the insured salary. The coordination offset is the share of your salary financed after retirement by the AHV pension, i.e. the first pillar.

Retirement savings

Retirement savings correspond to your accumulated capital. This capital is mainly financed by the monthly employee and employer contributions.

A change in salary, break in employment for maternity, ongoing or further training or a sabbatical affect the accumulated capital as they equate to gaps in contributions. However, you can also increase your capital to a certain level through "buy-ins" financed from your own savings. The amount of money you can contribute is also listed here. Good to know: the amount of your buy-in to the second pillar is tax deductible.

Retirement benefits

Here you can see the extent of your retirement capital or the annual life annuity you can expect to get on retirement. If you are thinking of early retirement, the amount of your forecast retirement capital or your pension will provide the basis on which to make a decision.

Financing of early retirement

If early retirement is a possibility and you would still like the full benefits of your pension fund, you can finance the missing retirement capital from your private assets. You can see the extent of this purchase sum in the table, graded by each year in which you could retire early.

Disability benefits

If you become unfit for work you are entitled to a disability pension. It's not just for you but also for your children who are entitled to disabled person's children's benefit. So your insured old age, survivors' and disability benefits remain unimpaired, even if you become fully disabled, the employee benefits institution finances the contributions due through the "Waiver of contributions on expiry of the waiting period".

Benefits in the event of death prior to retirement

In the event of death prior to retirement the spouse, life partner or registered partner will receive a spouse's or unmarried partner's pension. The beneficiary may also request payment of a lump-sum settlement instead of a pension. In addition, each child receives orphan's benefit until at least their 18th year if this is provided for in the pension plan.


Employee and employer share the costs of the 2. pillar contributions, with the employer always paying at least half as it is obliged to do by law. Companies also frequently pay for a higher share of the costs. Contributions consist of a savings contribution to the retirement capital and supplementary risk, cost and legally stipulated contributions.

General information

You can also use your vested pension capital from the 2. pillar before retiring: it can either be drawn upon in advance (prepayment) or pledged in order to finance your own home.

The maximum possible prepayment for home ownership is equal to the relevant vested benefit entitlement until the age of 50. After the age of 50, either half of the current vested benefit entitlement or the vested benefit entitlement at the age of 50 can be withdrawn, whichever is higher. You can see the maximum contribution you can withdraw under "General information".

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is responsible for occupational provisions in your company, it is composed of employee and employer representatives in equal measure. If you have questions about how to regulate occupational provisions in your company, you can find your contact person here.