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Stand out from the crowd

Tips for a professional video job application


It is not easy to stand out from the multitude of application dossiers. As it is just as difficult for employers to make a selection, it can be enjoyable for both sides if new and interesting criteria are added to the recruitment process. One possibility is a job application video that provides a more complete picture of the candidate. It makes a difference if the result is well made or well intentioned. The application video should thus be attractively designed and suitable to the industry in question. Too many personal details or a repetition of the written application would not have the desired effect. This raises the question of what you wish to disclose in the application dossier and how can you deliver added value.

How can I present myself?

An innovative idea is required that can be implemented professionally and convincingly. Perhaps you have friends or former employers who would be willing to praise your skills and character in the short film? It pays to search for participants before starting the actual planning and then plan the theme and the style as a next step. There are many different approaches, ranging from serious or innovative to unorthodox and extravagant. It would be a shame and disappointing to the viewer if the full range of professional filming techniques were not used.

A number of points must be clarified prior to filming:

What do I want to convey?

Who will take part in the video?

Which style suits the industry?

Where will it be filmed?

How long should the video be?

The production is crucial

In general, criteria that distinguish conventional short films should be included in an application video. It is advisable to prepare a storyboard based on the main concept. In this, you can include sketches and drafts as well as introduce specific details for production. Orientation will be provided by the surroundings, colours, camera position and movement, as well as the sound. The various jobs are not always easy to master alone. Professional producers help to implement the ideas according to a plan.

Stumbling blocks

Those who want too much or too little, falter and go astray. Lack of technical filming skills can lead to failure unless professionals are involved.

Video application checklist

The video should supplement other information given - not repeat it.

Film professionals with appropriate references have experience and the necessary skills.

The effect can be better judged by someone not involved in the project.

Colours, sound and images are crucial.

Watching the video should require no extra effort.

A short film should be exactly as it sounds - compact and entertaining.