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Save time and money by outsourcing?

A Swiss SME that writes an average of 30 invoices each month, invests CHF 6,300 in billing and payment management annually. For many SMEs, this is a lot of money. In addition, invoice creation, reminders and payment control is often arduous and time-consuming. There are now many services, such as business apps, that help SMEs to modernise and simplify their day-to-day procedures.

The Swisscom SME billing service provides further support. It helps SMEs to not only simplify their billing process, but also to dramatically reduce time expenditure and costs.

The benefits of the SME billing service for SMEs:

1. Reduce costs.

You can reduce your invoicing costs by up to 50%.

2. Increase liquidity.

You receive outstanding income faster which improves your liquidity.

3. Reduce loss of income.

You receive professional support in case of non-payment.

Billing process of a Swiss SME:

We offer SMEs a full solution, in collaboration with our professional business software partners Amanda Online, curabill and Winbiz. From invoice creation with professional software, to the control of receipt of payment and archiving of invoices by Swisscom. Individually tailored to your needs.

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