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KMU Business World - Gewinnergeschichte "So nah waren Sie Ihren Kunden noch nie"

Closer to your customers than ever before

A dream team for marketing fantastic bikes: Thömus Veloshop and Tweasy. The owners of the Bern cycle shop are wowed by the possibilities opened up by the business app; watch the video to find out why (video in german).

Tweasy: a multitasker for online and mobile marketing

Tweasy is an advanced marketing tool: it gives you direct access to your customers.
Thömus Veloshop has already been using the business app for several months and has tried out lots of the features – with resounding success.

What Tweasy does:

  • Email marketing
  • Facebook websites
  • Coupons
  • Pushes news to all mobile devices

And how does it work at Thömus?

The Bern team is particularly keen on the option of attracting existing and potential customers with coupons sent directly to their smartphones. Marketing manager René Walker sees it as the most direct route to customers – since most people have their mobile phones with them all the time.

That Walker’s gut feeling is on-trend is reflected by the current figures at Thömus Veloshop: Since the SME started using Tweasy, the shop has been getting busier and busier. 

What Thömus Veloshop likes best about Tweasy:

  • «We were able to design our company thumbnail in under an hour.»
  • «We have the key functions for online and mobile marketing in a single tool.»
  • «We didn’t need any technical skills to use it.»
  • «We were able to try out Tweasy for a month for free.»
  • «And above all: we were able to attract new customers.»

Gewinnergeschichten-Tutorial Nr.1: Erste Schritte mit Tweasy & Firmenprofil erstellen

First steps with Tweasy & how to design a company thumbnail

(video in german)

Impressed? Like to get started right away?

Then let’s get going. Sign up now for the free Tweasy trial month.