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Social media

Getting started with Facebook and other social media

Strategic considerations

  • Work out why you want to use social media: without wanting to copy the competition, a little online research can't hurt.
  • Check your financial and human resources before forging big plans.
  • An SME can implement social media marketing with its own resources. Acquire the necessary knowledge and work out which employees have a talent for communication.
  • Get on board as an observer of social media. First get a feel for the medium before getting involved.
  • Create your own social media guidelines to ensure that your online communication does not get out of control. Internal information should remain confidential.
  • Search Google for portals where suppliers in your industry or region are rated. Check entries which relate to you. Example: for tradesmen.


  • Create a personal Facebook account and view the pages of leading companies in your industry.
  • Secure your company name for a Facebook page, so that you have a vanity URL later:


  • Secure an account with your company name, even if you don't start using it immediately.
  • Search for partners and competitors and watch their activity on Twitter.


  • Create a free account and begin to network with your business partners.
  • Find suitable groups which you want to actively pursue or participate in discussions with.
  • Find suitable content for your social media presence: photos are ideal. If you are a tradesman: take photos of your work and put it in your Facebook album as a reference.

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