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Working from home

What's the idea behind National Home Office Day on 15 May 2014 and how can I take part?

Home Office Day calls for more people to work from home, on the go or in what are known as hubs. Working independently of the workplace promotes productivity and quality of life while also reducing the burden on the environment and transport infrastructure – exactly the points that the annual Home Office Day promotes, with the aim of mobilising Switzerland to mobile working.

Who can take part?

Working from home is not equally suited to all professional groups. The first step is to consider whether it is even possible for you to carry out your work from home. Occupations that require a high level of quiet and concentration are particularly suited to working from home. Examples are writing or other complex tasks that don't require active discussion with a team of people.

If your job is suitable for working from home, the first thing to do is obtain approval from your manager. It may also be that your colleagues are interested in taking part, because Home Office Day is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with this type of mobile working and to compare notes.

Your second step should be to explore and clarify what is needed in terms of IT infrastructure and whether technical requirements are already met. Usually you need a reliable internet connection as well as a Remote Access Service to provide access to the company network.

How to work from home

Once all requirements are met, nothing stands in the way of working from home. A day working from home counts towards your working hours and is not a day off. You can affect your employer's acceptance of mobile forms of working and encourage it in a positive direction with your conduct.

Let your team and your manager know in advance when you plan to work a day from home and tell them what you will be working on. You should also make sure that you can be contacted – of course, you can and should take breaks, too. Because you are working from home, you're saving yourself the journey to and from work. Make a point of appreciating the extra time available to you; after a day in your home office, spend some time chatting with your manager and colleagues about how it went.