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Start-ups and the issue of appropriate infrastructure

I would like to start my own company soon and am thinking about which telecommunications and IT infrastructure I should purchase. My budget is rather small. What do I need to take into consideration?

Good budgeting is crucial for a start-up. Two factors are particularly important: flexibility and cost control. Cost certainty is important for things you will use in your business long term and where your needs will not change significantly. However, you should remain flexible with regard to anything that may change again in a few months. It's often difficult to assess how the business will develop, especially in the initial phase. The ability to adapt quickly should be considered in relation to the infrastructure.

Flat rates guarantee predictability

The most important component of any infrastructure is still the telephone. The first decision you have to make as a business owner is whether to choose a landline, mobile phone, or both. Firstly, this depends on how often you will be working outside the office and secondly, you should remember that it is extremely important that you are accessible, especially in the early days. Most choose a mobile solution because of its practicality. Most mobile providers offer flat rates, so you can budget the costs well in advance – even if the mobile phone is the only phone connection and is used frequently. It pays to seek good advice at the beginning, as the contracts are usually valid for a year or longer.  Everything you need should be covered by the flat rate. The same applies to the internet. An internet connection is mandatory for most business owners. The type and speed of the connection should be chosen according to your own needs – for example, the data volume to be transmitted. A reliable and secure connection is central, especially if you do not want to permanently install certain programs, but rather access them over the internet.

Software flexibility

Internet and telephone are usually the most important aspects of any infrastructure. For other investments, you should think carefully about what you need and remain flexible. The aforementioned cloud-based programs are particularly good for being able to adapt quickly to change. Some of them are available for free, or can be tested free of charge for a few weeks before you buy. With software these days, it is no longer worth purchasing too many licenses that always need renewing. Instead, you should test it first and take time to consider what your company actually needs. This way, you keep – as mentioned previously – the flexibility where you need it. And finally, one more tip: some providers offer special rates for start-ups. Check with your service provider or consult portals for new business owners. Such portals also have other useful information such as checklists, offers for workshops or forums for peer exchange.


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