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SME guide

Secure access to business documents within the company and on-the-go

I lead an accounting firm with five employees and have to manage many large projects. How can I save large amounts of data and ensure that employees can access it regardless of where they are?

User-friendly storage of data is crucial, especially for companies with large amounts of data and several employees. One potential solution that could work for you is to store your data in the business Cloud, i.e. with an external, specialised service. Cloud storage can be used to store documents, photos and other data and makes it possible for several employees to access the data, edit documents, or if required, share certain content with clients. Depending on the provider of the cloud storage, space is offered as a service and billing is based on the amount of space used. Your SME only pays for the storage capacity you actually need. The advantages of an external storage platform – in addition to payment based on actual use – include increased security. Your data is secure and protected against theft or fire.

Secure data storage within the company and beyond

For maximum security, it is worth looking into the data storage location: is the data is stored on servers within Switzerland, or can they be located anywhere in the world? The differences are sometimes considerable. It is therefore worthwhile to verify with the provider and to inquire about the legal implications. If the data is stored on Swiss servers, you can rest assured that a significant security requirement has been met.

Data sharing – working on multiple devices

Working on multiple devices beyond the boundaries of the company, for example with smartphones, has become a normal part of our working lives. As has the ability to collaborate with others on the same documents. Documents, photos and videos can be processed, stored and retrieved from the cloud thanks to intelligent file synchronisation. This makes cooperation and collaboration noticeably easier, as the data is available on various devices. From PCs to tablet PCs and smartphones: cloud storage works anywhere and with all kinds of different devices.

Collaboration made easy – Option Teamwork from Swisscom

With Option Teamwork, you can share and edit your documents with your team. Files can be shared internally or externally with selected clients or partners and schedules can be coordinated with colleagues via Outlook. You can do all this safe in the knowledge that your data is secure on a Swisscom server in Switzerland, inaccessible from unwanted forces.


Complete security when exchanging data is worth its weight in gold. With DigitalSafe, you can secure, store and protect confidential information and data, and share it with other users.