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Not sure which operating system to choose?

We've put together a summary of the four operating systems most commonly used by businesses: Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows. There are three things to note before we start:

  1. Smartphones and tablets are available for all of the above-mentioned operating systems.
  2. The operating systems and devices can be used for private and business purposes.
  3. The operating system on the smartphone or tablet may be different from the operating system installed on your office workstation, but it is still possible to transfer files between them.


Many Blackberry models feature an integrated keyboard. This is a benefit for people who have to quickly produce a lot of documents. Blackberrys also have a very good battery life: depending on the model, the batteries in Blackberry devices last between two and four days, which is longer than any other smartphone. 


If the user is keen on personalising their device, then Google Android is a good choice. You can create different views for business and private use, for example, and prominently position your favourite applications. 


Apple and its iOS operating system is the ideal choice if you're looking for a device with very intuitive controls. Business and private functions as well as applications are easy to use and configure. If you're also into video telephony, you'll benefit from the Facetime application. If all the necessary requirements are met, you can use it to make video calls in HD quality.


The Windows operating system is great for employees who need to be able to edit documents while they're away from the office. With these kind of smartphones, a fully functional version of Microsoft Office comes pre-installed, which enables you to create and edit documents and manage your emails like you would on your PC. 


When it comes to choosing an operating system, we're certainly spoilt for choice. There really is something to suit every need. Before you buy, it's worth testing the different products – you'll quickly get a feel for whether the menu system and controls are what you're looking for. Telecommunications providers can also assist with your choice, as they provide tools that help you establish which operating system is most suitable for you.