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Video conferencing

Less time on the road - more time for partners and customers

We would like to reduce travel time and costs in our company. At the same time, personal interaction with customers, partners and colleagues is very important to us. Must we compromise, or can the wish for more time, lower costs and regular personal interaction be combined?

Many business people experience the same situations as you: customer visits, important meetings with partners, or the regular exchange with colleagues are all very time consuming. Even more so if appointments are at your customers' or partners' place of business. You sacrifice time for travel, plus pay for additional fuel consumption or public transportation costs. This is time and money that SMEs could invest more productively.

Spontaneous meetings over long distances

Conducting meetings via video could be the answer. A wide range of free video conferencing software and high-quality video conferencing systems is currently available on the market. Ideally, you should choose an offer that is easy to operate and can be implemented effortlessly for the enterprise. It is advantageous if all participants can use the solution without additional installation or registration. Spontaneous video meetings are then possible. Although there is a fixed monthly fee for this type of solution, the advantages over free products are obvious. Sound and images are of higher quality. Meetings can be held regardless of your customers' or partners' infrastructure, and further participants can be invited on the spur of the moment. In addition, the solution can be used on PCs, tablets or smartphones. Some providers allow you to design the virtual meeting room according to your own wishes, for example, with the company logo or other graphic elements.

Better sense of space and atmosphere for communication

The wish for personal interaction can also be fulfilled through video conferencing: the conversation partner is always visible, as if you were in the same room. You can demonstrate products, discuss topics, or share documents. The actual reaction of the other person can be seen live. Decisions can be taken ​​together, quickly and efficiently. Video conferencing solutions not only provide a human touch, but also improve the atmosphere for communication and solve space problems. This can be useful, especially for SMEs with limited meeting rooms.

Try it for yourself - video conferencing may actually fulfil all three wishes at once.

Vidia. Especially for SMEs.

The current video conferencing market consists of either free products or high-quality room systems. The latter are not affordable for many small and medium enterprises.  On the other hand, free solutions only partially fulfil requirements for security, availability, and image and sound quality.

Swisscom has therefore developed a solution especially for SMEs. With Vidia, you too can easily run video conferences on your PC, tablet or smartphone without purchasing any infrastructure. Not only with registered users, but also with guests.

Vidia is available as a beta version until the end of January 2014 and can be tested free of charge during this period. Register now.