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Keeping costs under control when abroad

We have started working together with a German company and some of my employees often travel to Berlin for several days at a time. How can I keep costs for calls and data traffic with smartphones under control, despite using roaming?

Before you travel abroad, you should ask yourself – what exactly will my mobile phone be used for? Will I just make calls and send texts, or will I also access the internet, for example for apps or emails? Depending on your needs, there are a variety of options to choose from for stays abroad, such as business subscriptions with free talktime for calls outside of Switzerland or even for data packages alone. These are suitable for all those who use their smartphone primarily to access emails, send documents and use apps. The data packages can be purchased for a certain period of time, such as a week or a month. Telecommunications companies also offer complete packages that reduce both call rates as well as costs for SMS and data transfer. The advantage of these deals: you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe by text message. If your employees go abroad for several days, for example, due to a project or trade fair, they can activate the international option before departure and then easily turn it off again afterwards. Additional costs are only incurred when the services are actually needed.

Set the cost limit yourself

Speaking of costs: the respective rates differ depending on the selected option and country. Especially for extended stays, it is therefore worthwhile to find out all the necessary information before you leave – even more so if you are travelling outside of Europe. However, it is possible to control the costs not only before, but also during the trip. With a roaming app, all the tariffs and fees accumulated can be viewed at any time. The desired international option can also be activated via the app, or blocked when a predefined cost limit is reached. The mobile phone owner receives a text message when the limit is reached. Since the app works completely offline, it can also be used free of charge when you're abroad.

Use free Wi-Fi

Anyone who wants to use the internet abroad should always be on the lookout for free wireless connections. Wi-Fi is now available free of charge in many public buildings, hotels and cafes. The password for encrypted networks is usually provided to guests or customers upon request or printed on the receipt when a product is purchased. Those who log on to the World Wide Web this way can also download videos abroad or read news from home to their heart's content.


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