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Mobile working arrangements

Get ready for your mobile office

Working on the go is common practice in many large companies. Even employees of smaller businesses now work increasingly outside the office. The core question for many businesses, however, is how to ensure seamless teamwork when not everybody is in the same place. The following checklist can help with this:

Use mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets, laptops: luckily for us, we now live in a world full of portable devices. Laptops in particular are at the heart of every mobile workplace.

Train or car?

According to SBB’s Ecocalculator, a train journey from Winterthur to Bern provides 1.23 hours of working time. The same trip in a car gives a meagre eight minutes of usable time. Questions?

Install a VPN client

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended if employees need external access to a corporate network. So they can work from home, for example, and still have access to documents saved on an internal server.

Software from the cloud

Web-based applications provide an alternative to a VPN. Since they are stored in the cloud, you can log in and get to work through your internet browser. It makes no difference what device you use, whether it’s your company notebook or your own tablet or smartphone.

Communicate absences

Enter absences into a calendar. Other members of the team will then always know where a colleague is, whether they are coming into the office or must otherwise be contacted.

PS: email and video conferencing can never completely replace personal interaction. Insist that certain meetings are held physically on site!