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A fast mobile network and SMEs – a question of taste?

Click, swipe, type – speed is of the essence when we want to share the latest photos with our Facebook friends. We all like to be able to watch videos on the go the moment we feel like it and no later. And we like to enjoy our cloud-based music collections all at once and not bit by bit. When it’s not super fast, personal mobile use can quickly become a bit of a bore. But what’s the deal with power and pixels in the business world?

Every SME has different needs. A small bakery will need only a subscription at the lower end of the data scale for confirming customer orders or updating diaries. Transmission rates are quickly exhausted, however, when you start emailing large attachments from your smartphone or when you use the YouTube of the business world: the video conference. Because ultimately – and for the sake of your business partners – these things have to run in a highly professional manner, without incident.

Is faster is always better? The question has less to do with taste and style and more to do with pragmatism. In addition to mobile packages with limited data allowances, unlimited data subscriptions are now gaining in popularity. They enable stress-free browsing and keep a handle on the bills. Different data subscriptions feature a wide range of connection speeds, so which speed is right for you? For users that need less data, a low to medium connection speed will suffice: this will allow you to send and receive emails with normal attachments, fix appointments and use information apps. For rapid data exchange and large amounts of data – for example, conference calls – a subscription with a fast connection speed is a safe option and will allow you to take full advantage of the fast 4G network.

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