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The iPhone 5s

Everything starts on a small scale - even mobile security

Ever since the latest media reports on snooping and data piracy, SMEs have been given the final push they needed to think seriously about improving mobile security. Business contacts, account information, confidential documents and other sensitive data should all be protected against unauthorised access. We'll tell you which functions on an iPhone 5s with iOS 7 can automatically help you with this, and what else you can do to keep your company doors safely closed against uninvited guests.

Valuable to you, worthless to 'the finder': The 'find my iPhone' function is now linked up to your Apple ID. So tracking and remote cancellation functions can no longer be bypassed without special knowledge. Both stealing and 'finder's keepers' become completely pointless because neither the device nor the data on it can be recovered.

You wouldn't hook up with just anybody: With the new update, iPhones no longer connect automatically to a new device, but wait for you to expressly authorise it. Which means that the times are long gone when a computer could be disguised as a charger and brought to meetings in order to access sensitive data on the iPhone it was connected to.

Very useful for SMEs: Company administrators are able to apply security controls on all employee-held devices. This makes it easy to limit the use of unsafe apps or changes made to email accounts.

Retract antennae when not in use: It's better to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections when you aren't using them as these networks increase the number of hidden dangers. Turning them off also preserves your charger and increases the lifespan of your device.

Too much comfort can be a bad thing: The new TouchID fingerprint sensor is a quick and easy way to protect your iPhone 5s against unauthorised access. You'll make it even more secure if you select the 'disable simple passcode' function and then set a longer, more effective passcode. And for even greater security, you can activate a function that will delete all user data after ten unsuccessful attempts at fingerprint access.

The iPhone 5s currently offers the best security settings of any smartphone. All SMEs should know, however, that a device is only ever as good as the person using it. Training for employees or sharing information on the devices used in your company are relatively cheap and effective ways of overcoming most weak spots in mobile communication.

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