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En route to success with smartphones and tablets

Working on the go requires carefully selected processes and infrastructure. You need a reliable, secure network for data exchange and devices for data processing. Smartphones and tablet PCs are good alternatives to laptops.

Operating systems – spoilt for choice?

When choosing a mobile device, you should also take into consideration the operating system and its functionalities. The operating systems most commonly used by businesses are BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows. For further information see: 

Smartphones: not sure which operating system to choose?

Tablet PCs – powerful microcomputers

If you feel that smartphone screens are too small, you're better off with a tablet PC. With large screens and battery life of up to ten hours, these keyboardless portable computers are an efficient alternative. 

Mobile data access

Once you've chosen your mobile device, it is important to find the right internet connection. Although you can work with locally stored data, mobile data access is much more convenient. A SIM card with an appropriate mobile data plan is a sensible solution. Certain types of plan include unlimited downloads, at least for use within Switzerland.

Tips and tricks: 

  1. Remote Access Service for when you're on the go:
    Companies with employees who are on the road a lot or work from home should consider permanent, transparent remote access. A Remote Access Service (RAS) allows you to access the company network securely over any internet connection. 
  2. Data security:
    Smartphones and tablet PCs are powerful microcomputers that must be carefully protected. These all-rounders should always be protected with a strong password, as they can be used to access internal company documents and business reports. 

Working on the go made easy – with Option Teamwork option from Swisscom

Whether at the office, at home or on the train, with Option Teamwork, you'll have up-to-date access to all your emails, schedules, contacts and documents wherever you are. You can do all this safe in the knowledge that your data is secure on a Swisscom server in Switzerland, inaccessible from unwanted forces.

Mobile Team

Easy team collaboration: Mobile Team networks smartphones and tablets to an interactive map. Organise orders, appointments and routes more easily than ever.