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Easily exchange data within the company and beyond

Working on projects with business partners and clients requires a great deal of coordination. It often leads to overflowing inboxes and disagreements about which shared document is the most recent version. How can we avoid these problems using a cloud solution?

The right tools can make collaborating with external parties easier and more efficient. If you store your project work in the cloud, you can access all project files at any time and easily share and exchange them with your business partners.
A variety of online services for data storage and exchange have been available to private users for quite some time now. However the number of similar services for businesses can still be counted on one or two hands.

Working together easily and securely

Companies work with sensitive data and have high standards when it comes to selecting a suitable cloud solution. The cloud-based storage system must be secure and highly available, but also user-friendly. With a Swiss service provider, businesses can enjoy peace of mind. Regardless of whether the cloud storage simply serves as a backup solution or is directly integrated into the day-to-day running of the project, the data is saved on servers in Switzerland and is protected by Swiss law against unauthorised access. Only people authorised by the administrator can access the documents in the cloud. In addition, reading, editing or uploading authorisation can be assigned to individual documents and folders. This is essential once more parties become involved. With a cloud solution, the project is also no longer tied to PCs. The files can be accessed with a laptop, tablet PC or smartphone – any time, anywhere. The data is available over the internet or via an application.

Keep an eye on costs

Cloud-based storage solutions do not require an investment. The provider supplies the necessary infrastructure and is responsible for its operation and maintenance. The solution can be easily adapted to suit the company's storage requirements. Generally, a monthly flat fee is charged for this kind of internet-based service, which means the costs are always transparent and predictable.

Endless email threads, overflowing inboxes, piles of documents and ongoing debates about the most recent version of a document are all a thing of the past with an online data storage system. It makes collaboration significantly easier, more flexible and more efficient, particularly when the project involves external partners.