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Project management

5 tips for a successful kick-off meeting

Do you know how high the success rate of completed projects is? Only 30 percent. Project management is not for everyone, but it can be learnt. A kick-off meeting is an essential requirement for a good start. This should not only be held in passing, but instead used as an opportunity to make sure the team is focused on common goals. When planning a kick-off meeting, the following five points should be considered:

Presentation of the project objectives

The project manager describes the relevance and objectives of the project, so that they are understood and accepted by everyone. Invite the whole team and the client. It pays off when the client can explain briefly the importance of the project in their own words.

Introduce the team members and their roles

Present every team member and their intended role. Then, the team members introduce themselves and say a few words about their personal expectations for the project and team collaboration.

Set rules for collaboration

Agree on the rules of collaboration right from the beginning. Communicate your expectations and discuss them until all parties are in agreement. Ensure team members sign the rules.

Establish a common level of information

After the kick-off meeting, all relevant parties should have the same level of information. Don't reveal detailed information about the project or work on specific tasks. Do not overload the session.

Extent and duration of the kick-off meeting

Attention levels in a meeting usually drop considerably after two hours. Plan a shorter meeting, or take a break. 

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