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5 tips for security in the cloud

5 Tipps zur Datensicherheit

I want to switch to web-based applications, but have concerns about uploading corporate data to the cloud. What should I look out for in order to be secure in the cloud?

Every business owner considering using cloud applications probably mulls over the issue of security. After all, the information they plan to upload is often sensitive corporate data. With the use of business apps this data is in fact no longer stored locally on your own computer, but on the World Wide Web. You can minimise potential security risks during your ascent into the cloud by taking the following points into consideration:

Encrypted data transfer

In order to give viruses and trojans no opportunity to attack, data should be transmitted over an encrypted connection. Verify that this is the case with your provider. All applications in the Business Marketplace run over an encrypted connection.

Server location

Inform yourself about where your data is hosted! Legal provisions concerning data protection can differ, sometimes significantly. In the US, in particular, privacy policy is noticeably more relaxed than in Switzerland or other European countries, due to the Patriot Act.

Security standards

Most cloud services sales platforms have security standards that must be met by app providers. Find out which requirements apply to your provider and whether a quality label is available.


Not all data may be held abroad. Inform yourself about the legal situation in the country concerned and the provisions of Swiss law. Details can be found with the federal agencies.

Employee access rights

Do not make all data available to every employee. In many applications, you can manage the access rights for each user.

Don't forget: everyone is responsible for the safe handling of their own data – whether in the cloud or at their workstation. Just like traditional software, there is no hundred percent security guarantee for web-based applications.


Complete security when exchanging data is worth its weight in gold. With DigitalSafe, you can secure, store and protect confidential information and data, and share it with other users.