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Mobile security

10 tips to make your smartphone more secure

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of everyday business. However, it is worth paying attention to how we use our mobile companions – after all, they contain a lot of confidential company information. Here are ten tips for greater security on-the-go.

Tipp 1: Aktivieren Sie die Pin-Sperre auf Ihrem Smartphone.

Activate your PIN code

Protect your smartphone against unauthorised access by using a PIN to lock your screen. 

Keep your software up to date

Regularly run software updates and accept all suggested updates. This will help protect you against any security loopholes.

Only download apps from the official store

iPhone users acquire apps from the Apple Store, while Android users head to Google Play. If you have an Android smartphone, you need to be particularly careful as many applications are available outside the official store and don't necessarily meet the security standards upheld by Google Play.

Make sure you use encrypted communication

Do you communicate via messenger apps in a work context? Many of these services transmit your data without encryption, making it fair game for data thieves. Instead, revert to using SMS or switch to encrypted messaging services.

Beware of wireless internet hotspots!

Unencrypted communication via public wireless hotspots can be incredibly risky. Be very careful about which data you access when using WiFi in a cafe, airport or hotel. Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will make your data traffic more secure.

Don’t forget to backup your files

You should regularly create a backup of your contacts, emails and photos on your office computer. For even greater safety, store this backup in the cloud, where your files will be optimally protected against theft and fire. Remember to make sure the data transfer is encrypted and, if possible, select a provider whose servers are located in Switzerland. With Storebox, for example, your files will be safely stored in Swiss data centres.

Virus protection for Android users

If you have an iPhone, you generally don't need to worry about viruses, trojans or hackers, as 99% of all malicious software is aimed at Android smartphones. Applications such as F-Secure can help to repair infected phones.

Block your phone if it is lost or stolen

Most smartphones can be remotely located and if necessary blocked should they be lost or stolen. And don’t forget to contact your network provider to block your SIM card, too.

Discretion in public

Don't hold confidential conversations in trains, restaurants or any other public places, because you never know who might be listening. Make sure no-one can read confidential information on your screen – this applies particularly to smartphones with large displays.

Raise awareness among your colleagues

Make sure that your colleagues are also aware of the need for caution when using mobile devices. If possible, organise some kind of training. A good place to start: send this checklist to all your employees and business partners!

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F-Secure Business Protection Service

Thanks to F-Secure, you can easily protect your sensitive corporate data from internet threats and unauthorised access, whether on Windows or Mac computers, mobile devices or file servers.