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Your data has never been safer

Business data in cloud? No problem with DigitalSafe. You can protect, save and share confidential information and data with other users in your own personal storage cloud. “If anyone asks me about a secure storage solution, I always recommend DigitalSafe”, remarks Claudio Alberti, EPFL Lausanne. The project manager is already using DigitalSafe at work every day.

DigitalSafe: the Swiss data strongroom

DigitalSafe is a web-based business software. You can access your data no matter where you are – all you need is an Internet connection.

Use DigitalSafe to:
  • securely store business documents and confidential information.
  • access your data from anywhere and share it with other users
  • create secure passwords automatically with the password generator.
  • Security always comes first: thanks to the highest safety standards and advanced technology your data is protected from access by third parties in an ISO-certified Swiss computer centre – with triple back-up.

How do customers rate DigitalSafe?

Many of them are already using DigitalSafe to store their data securely and share it with other users. Discretion takes priority at DigitalSafe – which is why some of these testimonials are anonymous.


«Digital Safe is handled completely intuitively. I also like the fact that support requests are answered within 24 hours and that the application is under continuous development. I’ve no doubts: If anyone asks me about safe online storage, I always recommend DigitaSafe.»

Claudio Alberti, Project Manager EPFL Lausanne

«We store all our customer data in DigitalSafe. And we also share our documents with the practical push function, so we communicate with 100% safety.»

Anonymous, CEO of a financial institute, Geneva

«As we store and share a lot of sensitive customer data, data security is our first priority. And DigitalSafe is the perfect tool for the job.”»

Anonymous, Fiduciary Officer, Basel

5 tips for safety in the cloud


The safety issue is probably one that preoccupies every entrepreneur thinking about switching to cloud applications. Understandably so, as the business data transmitted is often of a sensitive nature. Our SME advisor has five tips that you should heed when moving into the cloud.