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Tip 1: Discuss goals for the year with your employees

It's a good idea to start the new year with performance reviews so that together you can reflect on past events and outline future goals as early as possible. Our checklist will show you how best to do this.

More tips for the new year

Promote good health at work

Healthy enterprises are successful enterprises. And yet the winter months in particular often see an increase in illness-related absences. Preventive advance measures can remedy this - here are a couple of tips.

Help create a committed work environment

Companies with high levels of employee commitment are more successful. Find out in five practical steps how to increase employee satisfaction and productivity on a daily basis in the new year.

Don't forget your marketing

In our subject portfolio, you'll find regularly updated tips on modern marketing strategies - to help you stay ahead of the rest in 2014.

Tip 5: Use modern tools

Stay up to date: with these business apps you can enjoy modern, flexible and cost-efficient working. Upgrade your accounting system, save your business data in the cloud or protect your devices against unauthorised access.


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