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Security is a must – and it’s guaranteed

How secure are web-based applications? It’s a question that probably everyone thinking about switching to business apps asks. And rightly so – this is about transferring and saving company data that is the heartbeat of every SME.

Encrypted data transfer as standard

The basic premise is that every provider is responsible for the security of its business app. The provider makes sure that your data and applications are protected from unauthorised access and attacks in the computer centre and during transmission. To prevent any chance of a virus or Trojan attack, your company data is sent via an encrypted connection to the provider’s server.

Computer centres protected from environmental factors

The computer centres themselves are more like fortresses – after all, most of the legislative authorities in Europe demand effective data protection. They are not only protected against cyber attacks – they can also counter other eventualities. They offer protection against fire, lightning, floods or earthquakes and are equipped with alarm systems as well as fire and water detectors. It is also vital to prevent any unauthorised intrusions, which is why many computer centres have their own security personnel – a significant security advantage over most in-house data storage.

SME Business World: high security demands

When you change to business apps you should check what security measures the providers take. Many companies now sell web-based applications, so it is worth looking into the background of the provider – it’s clear that a specialist IT company will have more know-how than a company originally from the entertainment industry.

One thing applies to all the applications offered in the Business App Store: they all meet the high SME Business World security requirements and are subject to an extensive security test before they can be sold. Because we know how important your data and its protection is for your company.