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The legendary home of business apps.

Business apps are based in the much-cited cloud – a concept that has been impossible to avoid, especially in IT circles in recent years. Put simply, it describes how data or whole IT elements – such as software or computer capacities – are saved on the secure servers of a specialist provider. Because they are with an external service provider and no longer in your office, we speak about virtual servers or cloud computing

Everyday experience shows that if you don’t work with IT every day, it is difficult to get a handle on the cloud concept. How it works, the destination of company data in a virtual world, the security issues – it all just seems too vague.

And yet many people don’t give it a second thought: they already use cloud technology without thinking about it – for their personal use. If you manage your e-mails through a web service, save your personal data on platforms like XING, stream music from your computer, manage your photos in an online portal – you are already at home in the cloud. And most are very happy with it. It is simple, quick and costs very little – if anything at all.

Business apps are also based in the cloud. And the advantages are just the same as they are for private use: they are easy to use, quick to access, and much less expensive than traditional software solutions.

Find out everything you need to know about working with business apps now. You will soon see – the benefits are huge.

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