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Kinderleicht ein Unternehmen führen

Running a business is child’s play thanks to cloud computing


Running a business is actually quite easy with cloud-based business software. Class W5 of the Willisau Canton School, who used a web-based ERP solution as part of a practical project share, would agree. Thanks to the business app the pupils now manage all the school’s class funds on a cashless basis, thus simulating a commercial enterprise.

And the needs of a school are very similar to that of a SME –
at least in terms of IT. Watch the video and find out how the pupils use the business app and their experience of it.

Which business processes can be mapped by a web-based ERP solution?


The market is full of cloud web-based ERP solutions offering different functions. Some app providers offer fixed packages with defined functions. Others provide the option of putting together customised modular solutions.

The following processes can be covered by cloud-based ERP solutions:
  • Address management (CRM)
  • Offer, order and invoice creation and management
  • Project management and time recording
  • Debitor and creditor management
  • Invoicing
  • Financial accounting
  • Warehouse management and order administration
  • Payroll accounting

How does cloud-based business software work?

business software

Cloud computing and so-called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will define the future. The model is based on the principle of outsourcing the software und IT infrastructure and cloud-based services that can be used by customers. As software can be retrieved virtually as required over the web browser, only Internet access is needed. This has significant benefits.


Benefits of cloud computing

  • No updates: the provider is responsible for maintenance and availability.
  • No initial investment: a server isn’t required, and instead of buying software, you rent business applications for a monthly fee.
  • Data security: data is saved online and thus secured against loss.
  • User access for employees: new users can be added in a few clicks, or removed again if they leave the company. So you only pay for services that you actually use.
  • Club directory: overview of local clubs.
  • More flexible: you can access programmes and data over the Internet – from any device, anywhere.

Safety and cloud computing


Safety is a vital aspect of web-based applications. Business data is stored with your external provider and the latter is responsible for their safety. When selecting a provider you should therefore always ensure that safety standards are complied with, or even than certification (ISO) is provided. You should also find out in advance where you are legally entitled to store different kinds of data. This is particularly relevant if you work with sensitive customer data. Once all these aspects are clarified you are ready for the cloud, you can enjoy your new flexibility with an easy mind, and benefit from lower investment costs.

We recommend the following cloud-based ERP solutions

These web-based ERP solutions help you to stay on top of your business from anywhere.