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Collaboration made easy

What happens at the moment if you pitch to a customer, the customer places an order and wants a delivery as soon as possible – and your office is two hours’ drive away?

If you don’t have the right technology at your fingertips, neither you nor anyone in your company can work on your order until you arrive back at base – potentially too late for the customer already. Business apps make you faster: while you are still with the customer, you can access web-based applications, enter new information and save the details. Your employees have immediate access and can trigger the order and initiate the next steps.

There are other scenarios where web-based applications have the potential to make collaboration more efficient. Business apps are mostly set up so that several employees can work on them at the same time. Take the web-based mind-mapping applications: even if five or more employees are working on the same document at the same time, the business apps are able to incorporate all the changes into one version. The tedious manual job of collating all the changes is no longer necessary. So it saves you and your employees time – and reduces the potential for mistakes.