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Gewinnergeschichte: CityMobile

CityMobile: the regional marketplace for SME

Watch the video of how St. Gallen and Steinach are already using CityMobile and find out about their experience with the app to date (video in German).

The regional marketplace for Swiss SME

3.6 million people in Switzerland use smartphones, and they use them to find out information about their region. You can use the new smartphone CityMobile app to find out about the place you’re staying and offerings and services provided by SME in the region.
Find out in the video how the app is used in Steinach, and how the fruit farmer Stäger is already advertising his products on CityMobile.

Advertise on CityMobile

Swiss SME can post their products and services on the smartphone CityMobile app in a few clicks and reach local and national target groups. This is possible thanks to a collaboration between anthrazit AG (CityMobile developer) and SME Business World.

CityMobile opportunities for Swiss SME

  • Publish your company profile on CityMobile with address and business hours.
  • Publish current offerings, news and events and draw customers’ attention to them.
  • Be found on the interactive map.
  • Smartphone as additional mobile marketing channel.
  • Market products and services regionally.
  • Favourite list: preferred companies can be saved as favourites.
  • Customers can contact you directly over the phone, SMS, email and social media

... and lots more!

How can I post offerings in CityMobile?

Use the web-based business app Tweasy to easily create a business card and product offering and post them on CityMobile at a click. Tweasy is available on the SME Business World marketplace. You can also post all content on further platforms and thus extend your digital reach and visibility.

How to publish a mobile campaign on CityMobile in a few easy steps

  • Take out a free trial subscription for Tweasy on the SME Business World marketplace
  • Register your SME on Tweasy and create a business card
  • Create a mobile campaign and select CityMobile as your target channel
  • Go online with the campaign