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Business apps pay off

Der Einsatz von Business Apps lohnt sich in zweifacher Hinsicht: Weil Sie weniger Software-Aufwände haben, sparen Sie bares Geld. Und Sie reduzieren Ihren Zeitaufwand: durch effizientere Zusammenarbeit und weniger Wartungsarbeiten.

Save money with business apps

Business apps make some IT entries in your annual budget a thing of the past. Purchasing software licences for each PC – no longer required. Regular software updates – unnecessary.

The business app providers deal with all that for you. They take over the maintenance, look after updates and develop new versions – and all at a fixed monthly price that you know from the start. And they give you the flexibility you need to expand or reduce the actual service.

More time for your core business

Alongside the direct cost saving, the time factor is a major plus for business apps in two respects. Because the applications are web-based, you can use them anywhere. Save data on-site with a customer on your business notebook, for instance, and then access it directly from the fixed computer in your office. And best of all: the data is not just available to you – all the other employees in your company can access it as required. You can use the information in seconds flat, regardless of where you are. So it makes collaboration much easier and more efficient.

The second advantage relates to reduced maintenance and software servicing. It’s simple: there’s none. Business apps mean you no longer need to worry about whether the software is up to date. The application provider deals with that for you and continually checks that you have the latest version. Eliminating this task saves time – time that you can use in the future to develop your business instead.