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Achieve measurable benefits with business apps

Lower costs, less software management, more flexibility, more mobility, more collaboration and guaranteed security: if you use web-based technologies in your SME, the benefits are measurable.

 Bringing down software costs

 Costs are a central aspect of business apps. Now you can now rent software via a web-based application instead of purchasing it. For your day-to-day business that means you no longer need to kit out every workstation with its own PC and the corresponding software. Instead, you and your employees can access the applications independently of the device you are using – whether a fixed PC, a work notebook or your own personal notebook. The costs for business apps are usually billed monthly by the provider and are substantially less than purchasing standard solutions.


 Register and cancel users in just a few clicks 

 The advantages of business apps also include their flexibility. Users can be added or removed in just a few clicks. If your company expands, it’s easy to release the business apps for new employees. And the reverse also applies – if an employee leaves your company, you just delete the account. So you are not left with expensive software that is no longer used.


 Always up to date – effortlessly

 If you manage your own software, you will really appreciate how much less IT support is required when you use web-based applications. With service providers looking after the maintenance and updating, you can enjoy more free time. Time that you can invest in the development of your business instead of unproductive IT support.


Anywhere, anytime

 The benefits of improved mobile collaboration are also considerable. As the administrator of a business app, you can make the applications individually accessible to particular employees. In terms of efficiency: the business apps are web-based, so employees can access them from anywhere, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. Handling projects is much more flexible and efficient than with traditional solutions restricted to a particular site or specific computers.


Security on the move

That just leaves one other aspect: business app security. It is undoubtedly the most important question that anyone interested in business apps asks – and rightly so. After all, if they are going to be used in an SME, secure storage of business data is the highest priority. Where the data is stored depends on the particular service provider. In SME Business World we can guarantee that we only work with service providers who meet our high security requirements. Anyone failing to meet these standards cannot sell applications in the Business App Store – keeping the users safe.