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Institut für Entrepreneurship und KMU

The leading Swiss institute for consulting, research and education in: management, entrepreneurship, company formation, family businesses, innovation and internationalisation.
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The Institute for Entrepreneurship & Small and Medium Size Enterprises specialises in four different areas.

Entrepreneurial process

The first is the process involved in setting up a company. Which factors lead to the establishment of a company in a particular region? Which educational measures should be supported in order to mobilise students' entrepreneurial potential?

Growth & internationalisation of SMEs

Entrepreneurship isn't just about launching new companies, so the institute also answers questions about how businesses can manage growth. The issue of growth concerns the development of successful strategies for internationalisation and a new direction for the SME.

Family business

The third area of research is based on the diversity of SMEs and looks into family businesses and the issues surrounding succession. According to a new study, 25% of SMEs will have to organise a succession in the next five years. Research must take this issue into account and suggest possible solutions, such as platforms aimed at business owners and potential successors.

Corporate entrepreneurship

The institute is also involved in innovation, in particular how innovative projects can be initiated and subsequently realised by large corporations and public organisations.

Students of the entrepreneurship programme regularly post the latest news from the business world on the institute's entrepreneurship blog:

Entrepreneurship blog