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GRYPS Offertenportal

Are you looking for office equipment or services for your SME? Whether you need a telephone system, IT services or an accountant, the GRYPS procurement portal will send you three suitable offers –...
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Offers for SMEs

SMEs are constantly faced with a shortage of resources and time – which is precisely where GRYPS can help. GRYPS is a free procurement portal that makes it easier for SMEs to source and purchase office equipment and services. SMEs simply have to fill out a form and can also add more detailed information by calling GRYPS. After a maximum of two days, the SME will be contacted by a suitable supplier or receive a quote. The product categories range from photocopiers and alarm systems, through to the outsourcing of services.

Growing start-up company

Founders Priska Schoch and Gaby Stäheli came up with the idea to create an intelligent procurement portal in Switzerland three years ago. They now have five employees processing the enquiries. The service is offered in 50 categories and has clocked up more than 1,100 registered suppliers. Following a special selection process, these companies receive the pre-screened enquiries and thereby the chance to win new customers. Each enquiry is sent to a maximum of three suppliers, so they each have a fair chance of being awarded the job and the potential buyer receives a sufficient number of offers for comparison. When distributing enquiries to suppliers, GRYPS always selects the companies that are best suited to fulfil the requirements.