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Gewinnergeschichte: CityMobile

The regional marketplace for SME

(Video in German)

The mobile solutions for communities and towns

3.6 million people in Switzerland use smartphones. They also use them to find out information on community matters. The new CityMobile app for smartphones offers the ideal support: mobile users can quickly find out about the place where they are and offerings from local businesses. Communities can post information on the app easily and straightforwardly.

CityMobile in brief

The app works on all iPhones and Android smartphones. Users simply download the free app to their smartphones (iOS and Android) and select the community of their choice.

Communities can post the following information on CityMobile:

Community thumbnail with logo, coat of arms, mood shot and contact details for community.

  • Community news: dates, events, committees and news to keep citizens up-to-date.
  • Waste collection calendar: citizens are reminded of collection dates over the push function.
  • Sites: display public offices, places of interest, city routes or buildings on the interactive map.
  • Club directory: overview of local clubs.
  • Infrastructure work: status of work in progress and any traffic diversions.
…and lots more!

An individual solution for every town or community

With CityMobile every town or community can create their mobile presentation as they like using modules to suit their needs. CityMobile has a basic entry for all Swiss towns and communities currently in existence. You can design your community's mobile presence as you like and add information easily with no prior IT skills for a small monthly fee.

«The app is just what we’ve always been looking for to keep citizens up-to-date with news at little cost.»

Lukas Keller, Mayor of Endingen

«Adding content to the app is really easy. We are more than satisfied.»

Roman Kohler, Communication Division, St.Gallen Town Administration

«The app is ideal for communicating with citizens, not to mention regional businesses – and in particular for networking offerings nationwide. We highly recommend the app to all communities.»

Roland Brändli, Mayor of Steinach

Support local business with CityMobile

Thanks to a direct collaboration between SME Business World and the developer anthrazit local SME can now advertise their products and services on CityMobile.
Find out more about CityMobile opportunities for SME.

Price models

All Swiss towns and communities already have a basic profile in CityMobile. You can design your community's mobile presence as you like and add information easily. It all works over a simple user interface (CMS) that requires no special skills.