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Find the right Business App easily

Business Marketplace makes finding the right Business App simple. You'll find Internet applications that have been verified and recommended by Swisscom to help you in your day-to-day work.

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Each Business App is accompanied by a detailed description telling you everything you need to know about its features and benefits. Here you will also find information on pricing, types of subscription and the app's developer. The wide and varied range means you'll find the right app for you. 

Rate and review Business Apps

Users can rate and review every Business App. If a particular Internet application takes your interest, you can read about the experiences of other SME Business World members and decide if the app meets your needs. You can also write your own review to help other SMEs find the right application for them. 

Easy to use

Using Business Marketplace is simple:

  • Single Swisscom login for all of your applications 
  • Centralised management of all applications
  • Simple authorisation for new employees
  • Full cost transparency
  • Exemplary security

All our applications on one page.

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